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McGee Bennett DVD. The Wonderful World of Llama & Alpaca Wool
McGee Bennett DVD. The Wonderful World of Llama & Alpaca Wool

Our Price: $29.99

Product Code: 102EWOOL

Understand every aspect of your llama and alpaca's wool. All wool can be used for something!

Learn wool terminology and how to recognize and predict what type of wool your animal will have.

Learn wool management techniques and how to shear your llama or alpaca without restraint.

Learn how to groom and to collect wool that spinners will love.

Other topics in this presentation include:

  • Preparing your fiber for spinning
  • Finger spinning and washing and storing your wool
  • 61 minutes

    A note about possible compatibility problems with DVD-R discs. DVD players and computer DVD drives manufactured prior to 2001 may experience compatibility problems with DVD-R (recordable) discs, even if they can play mass produced DVD movies or "pressed" DVD's. If you receive a DVD-R disc and it does not play in your machine it is likely that there is nothing wrong with the disc but that your player or drive is an older unit not compatible with DVD-R discs. There is a list on the internet at HomeMovie.com, that indicates player compatibility with DVD- R discs. Dimensions:8"x6"x1"

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