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Louet Drum Carder - Fine Cloth 2.320
Louet Drum Carder - Fine Cloth 2.320

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Drum carders, only two drums are being used to card your wool. On a hand driven drum carder, the fibers are deposited on the large drum, after a short carding process between the small and the large drums. The most important difference between the Louet drum carders and other drum carders is the method of supplying fiber to the drums. The Louet drum carder has a small board below and in front of the in-take drum. This board exists for construction purposes only. The board is not designed to be a feed tray. To feed the Louet drum carder, take some fibers in your left hand, and have the in-take drum pull this fiber out of your left hand, while you turn the crank on the large drum. Carefully, do not allow too much fiber to be pulled out of your hand. You will develop a kind of sliver between your hand and the in-take drum. This is a fiber preparation, akin to the teasing required for other drum carders, and is therefore a time-saving feature of the Louet drum carder. As a result of the fibers being pulled out of your hand, the majority of fibers will be orientated in the direction of the carding action. To have the fibers pull out of your hand smoothly while turning the drum carder handle requires some practice. The results, however, are worth the effort. The Louet drum carder has high carding cloth. The quantity of fiber that can be carded to a batt depends on the size of the large drum and the size of the teeth. If you want to card a small amount of fiber, we advise to fill only the center portion of the large drum. It is easier to remove the batt from the middle of the drum than to remove a thinner batt from the whole drum. With a drum carder that has cloth with flexible teeth, the best results are obtained when the teeth intertwine. The exact depth of intertwining is not important. Louet has been manufacturing Louet Drum Carders for more than 20 years for the market world wide and we have never had to replace carding cloth due to wear of the carding cloth that could be attributed to the intertwining of the teeth. The distance between the drums of the Louet Drum Carders cannot be adjusted. In general, the fewer adjustments required, the less likely that something can go wrong. The closed gearbox requires no maintenance or adjustments. Again, in more than 20 years, Louet has never replaced a gearbox. The guards on the sides of the drums cause the fibers to stay on the drums and not accumulate around the shafts of the drums. Teeth on Louet Drum Carders are placed in the carding cloth in a way that allows the teeth to flex in the direction of the carding action. This flexing makes the carding process easier on the fibers, causing less fiber breakage. The teeth are staggered alternately. The in-take drum on the Louet drum carder accumulates more fibers than other drum carders. For best result, we recommend to leave this fiber on the take-up drum, and only clean the take-up drum if it is absolutely necessary due to incompatibility of fiber to be carded, or color changes.

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