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Stable Fresh Odor Eliminator - 64 oz
Stable Fresh Odor Eliminator - 64 oz

Our Price: $18.95

Product Code: STABLEFRESH-64

Highly Concentrated Stable Fresh Odor Eliminator is the ultimate, natural odor eliminator! We use it here and wouldn't be without it.
This all-natural concentrate eliminates stall odors, assists in Fly Control and Spider Control. It also reduces thrush and foot fungus related problems by removing the urine from under the feet. It contains a blend of bacteria designed to speed the biodegrading process while eliminating odors. It consumes urine through bio-enzyme action and can be used on manure piles to accelerate decomposition and decrease fly populations. It is all natural - USDA approved - and environmentally correct. Highly concentrated. Makes 2 gallons of stall cleaner!
64 oz. Bottle: $18.95
With a simple spray-on application, we wash our barn walls, stall and floor and the barn ends up smelling so fresh that visitors find it hard to believe we have livestock! What a great relief to find this astounding product and offer it to you.
Use it outside on dung piles or areas animals like to use as their "bathroom". Works magic!

Also available in a more concentrated, smaller, 16 oz bottle. The 16 oz bottle also makes 2 gallons of stall cleaner since it is simply a higher concentrated version of this product!
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Stable Fresh Odor Eliminator Concentrate- 16 oz
Our Price: $19.95
Stable Fresh Odor Eliminator  Concentrate- 16 oz

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