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Turval 5 - Camelids Daily Support
Turval 5 - Camelids Daily Support

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TURVAL Camelid 5 Daily Support Ruminal Microflora - Probiotic. TURVAL Camelid 5 is specific to llamas and alpacas. Turval is in pellet form.
TURVAL 3 is specific to Camels - Available by Special Order
TURVAL 6 is specific to Horses - Available by Special Order.
One container could last up to 50 days. Dry probiotic as a complement to daily diets to help improve the function of the ruminal apparatus.
Helps prevent ruminal pathologies such as
  • alkalosis-acidosis
  • foamy meteorism
  • block of the abomasum
  • . . . and all those caused by stress of the digestive system.

Will improve the quality of fiber.
Helps during weaning to maintain microflora during stressful weaning stage of cria
Helps the production of milk, and a post-partum Chetosis-pathology will be prevented
Helps to re-establish the ruminal pH and increase the bacterial flora of the rumen in cases of ruminal blockage
Improves the adaptation of the ruminal flora to new foods
Supports ruminal and intestinal bacteria during antibiotic therapies which diminish their concentration.
For a complete description of Turval please use this link: http://www.turval.com/html/mcproducts.html
For customer comments, please see: http://www.turval.com/html/mcustomer.html
For additional study information please see Dr. David Anderson's comments on the following site: http://www.turval.com/html/mcscientifich.html

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