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Alpaca Care for Beginners DVD
Alpaca Care for Beginners DVD

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Product Code: 109D-AC

Alpaca Care DVD. With footage taken over a 2-year period, The Alpaca Care DVD covers many different subjects with particular emphasis on shearing and birthing.

Chapters within the DVD include the following:
Labor and Delivery
You will see the dam, 9 days before the birth, 3 days before the birth, in early labor and through delivery of the placenta & beyond.
You will see how to give shots sub cue (under the skin), I.M. (into the muscle), in chutes, against the fence, or even on un-haltered, un-teathered alpacas.
Trimming Toenails
You will see how to trim your alpaca's toenails.
Shearing Equipment
You'll see a demonstration on how to assemble, adjust and use cutters and combs and talk about which are best to use.
Alpaca Shearing
Expert shearing voice over narration is demonstrated on how to do each part of the alpaca and avoid ruining the fleece with second cuts (passes through the fleece which involve very short cuts of fiber).
Alpaca Breeding
You will learn how to pregnancy test females using a method termed "behavior testing". This is a non-invasive procedure to make sure you have a good breeding.
Cria Birth
Three newborn cria are shown in this movie including a premature cria; one normal cria; and one larger & stronger than normal cria.
You will see how crias "find" their way to successful nursing. And you will learn "What Not to Do"!
Cria Care
You will see how to dip umbilical cord, weigh crias and track their progress.
Trimming Teeth
An explaination of why and how to trim teeth and/or "fighting teeth" of your alpacas will give you a clear understanding how important this is.
Drawing Blood
You will see how blood is drawn for DNA or progesterone testing.
Fields, Hay, Feeding
And finally, there is some discussion about hay feeders & mineral feeding.

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