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LIFECHIP Alpaca/Llama radio frequency identification (RFID) microtransponder system with Bio-Thermal Technology!

Destron chips can be read by the Avid Universal Reader!
DESTRON Bio-Thermal LIFECHIP records both ISO ID & Body Temperature (when read with a DESTRON Universal Reader).

Bio-Thermal Chips come complete with syringe assembly. $22.00 each up to 10 units. $20.00 each when purchasing 10 or more in multiples of 10.

  • $22 each up to 9 units
  • $20 each when purchasing 10 or more in multiples of 10

  • LifeChip Radio-Frequency Idenification microchips offer a unique and unalterable means of identifying alpacas and llamas of all ages and sizes.
  • With Bio-Thermal technology, LifeChip microchips can provide a quick and reliable reading of an alpaca/llama's body temperature.
  • To best utilize the Bio-Thermal technology, it's advised that owners create a profile of the animal's normal body temperature range by taking rectal and Bio-Thermal temperature readings under different circumstances (e.g. at rest and during travel, exercise, breeding cycles, pregnancy and lactation
  • LifeChip microchips, each about the size of a grain of rice, contain a passive transponder programmed with a unique 15 digit ISO-compliant number (134.2 kHz). Once in place, these microchips can be read by any Destron Fearing or ISO-compliant reader.
  • Veterinarians administer the microchip in the poll of the head with the help of a specifically designed, single-use syringe.
  • Numbers can then be registered in each alpaca/llama's registry or kept in farm/ranch files for future reference.
  • Microchips provide proof of ownership in the event an animal is lost of stolen, as well as proof of identity for alpacas and llamas involved in breeding operations and international/domestic transport.
  • LifeChip microchips are the only ISO-compliant and National Animal Identification System approved camelid microchips on the market today. Available in standard (985) and NAIS code (840) formats, owners can choose the LifeChip microchip numbering system that best suits their animals' needs.
  • Each LifeChip microchip is capped with a patented, bio-compatible material called BioBond, which secures the microchip to the administration site within 24 hours of placement.

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