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Fly Parasite Plans

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Every livestock farm zoo or dog kennel knows that fies come each year from natural sources such as manure, compost, wet feed areas, etc. You will find numerous fly control products designed to chase away or kill existing flies but the best way to control flies is to prevent them from ever hatching. The best fly is no fly at all. Fly parasites are the answer to this problem. These tiny pinhead sized insects will canvass your property, seeking out and stinging fly larva which kills them thus stopping fly emergence. Let us help you achieve the YODER EFFECT on your farm.

What is the YODER EFFECT?

The following is a conversation had with one of our Midwestern dairy farm customers who has a mediums size dairy.

Mr. Yoder said: "I want to tell you a story that happened at my farm. We are Amish and on a Sunday in July the congregation came to my farm after church for food and conversation. I was sitting in a chair when a retired dairy farmer approached me and said, 'Yoder, there is something strange going on here, very different.' Mr. Yoder said, 'What do you mean?". the retired dairy farmer said, 'Well, there are no flies around, no flies by the food, and I was down by the cows and there were very few flies down there. What's going on?' Mr. Yoder replied, "Well that's because I use fly parasites and have for several years, and they prevent flies from hatching." The retired dairy farmer replied, 'Well....they sure are working.' and left.

So we call it, "THE YODER EFFECT." When fly parasites have taken control of the farm and destroy most of the fly larva before they can develop into flies. Flies are no longer a bothersome nuisance on the premises.

Why it happens:

The reason this happens is that when the female fly parasite hatches, she must feed and reproduce. To do that, she seeks out fly pupa (fly eggs) and stings them, then she lays her eggs inside the pupa. This process kills the developing fly. She will sting several pupa. The eggs she has laid in the pupa will hatch and the new female fly parasites will begin the process over again, thus enhancing the process of continuing fly control. The "YODER EFFECT" can be achieved and maintained by adding new fly parasites throughout the summer and having the fly parasites reproduce. The fly parsites will colonize and take control.

Fly Parasites (unlike insecticides, poison chemicals or sprays) come with no warning labels because they are totally environmentally safe and effective. They do not bother pets or people. You will not even notice them. If you haven't ever used fly parasites to control your fly problems, now is a good time to start.

Free Shipping. Free shipping for 9 shipments over the average fly season. Warmer climates require additional shipments. Shipments begin shipping based on regional data/regional schedule, and arrive approximately every other week once the shipments start (recommended schedule for most farms).

# of Llamas, Horses,
Mules, Ostrich,
other large animals

# of Alpacas, Goats,
Sheep and other
med, size animals
Estimated parasites
Per shipment
9 Shipments per plan
Plan Cost for Season
9 shipments per plan
Every other week
0-9 0-19 1/2 unit/colony
5000 +
A$189.00 and $21.00 per extra shipment
10-19 20-391 unit/colony
10,000 +
B $270.00 and $30.00 per extra shipment

20-29 40-591-1/2 unit/colony
15,000 +
C $351.00 and $39.00 per extra shipment
60-99 2 unit/colony
20,000 +
D $441.00 and $49.00 per extra shipment
100-1993 unit/colony
30,000 +
E $531.00 and $59.00 per extra shipment
100+ 200 +4 unit/colony
40,000 +

F $612.00 and $68.00 per extra shipment

Single shipments are available if desired. Please contact us by email or phone to order additional single shipments to your plan.
For example: PLAN A is $189.00(9 Shipments @ $21.00 per shipment) and extra shipments would cost $21.00 each.

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