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Glide & Glow Grooming Spray-Quart- CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
Glide & Glow Grooming Spray-Quart- CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Our Price: $16.95

Product Code: GLIDE-QT

Glide & Glow in the quart size spray bottle is currently UNAVAILABLE. We do have the gallon size jug in stock at this time.
Glide & Glow Grooming Spray is one of our most popular selling grooming solutions. Now available in a convenient 32 oz. Spray Bottle! Developed by someone who knows what it takes to win in the show ring.The most successful show farms and ranches are using this by the gallons!!
Leaves your animals with beautiful, silky, healthy looking fiber, without making their fiber feel sticky or crunchy.

This grooming spray has been used by our farm and also many top breeders from coast to coast. Whether you compete in multiple shows with multiple animals each year or just want to make the grooming process on a single animal less stressful for both of you - this product can help.

How to use Glide & Glow.

  • When we are doing "touch-grooming" (a few minutes to get small amounts of hay, etc. off the animal, we spray the part of the animal we want to groom lightly with Glide & Glow and begin to brush the area. The brush glides through the wool more easily and the grooming process is quicker.
  • When we want to "deep groom" an area - for example, the unshorn areas of the animal like the shoulders, neck or "feed box" where the neck attaches to the back. In these areas we will part the wool in multiple places and spray in a liberal amount of Glide & Glow. Let the area dry and then begin the grooming process with your blower. Go back and forth with the blower to part the wool and you will find many of the small pieces of hay and other vegetation get blown out of the wool. When you begin to brush again, lightly spray in more Glide &Glow and continue to brush to get out all the debris.
  • 32 oz. (1 quart) Spray Bottle
Also available in Gallon size: See https://www.useful-items.com/product-p/glide.htm. WE DO HAVE GALLONS AVAILABLE.

Glide & Glow Grooming Spray
Our Price: $44.00
Glide & Glow Grooming Spray

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