Via Calm - 2 lb. Tub or 5 lb. Tub
Via Calm - 2 lb. Tub or 5 lb. Tub

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Via-Calm is a stress reducing and calming, all-natural vitamin, mineral, & amino acid supplement. Via-Calm can be used in situations where your animals are stressed or nervous, such as shearing, toenail trimming, etc. Can be top dressed on feed, or fed orally. Via-Calm is labeled for horses, however it is also effective for llamas and alpacas.
Available in a 2lb Tub ($16.79) or a 5lb Tub ($38.95)

Via-calm supplement is best used daily for hyper, nervous and or stressed animals.
Not cleared for nursing animals.
Can be used to quiet and calm animals prior to events.
Via-Calm Ingredients:
  • dextrose
  • brewers yeast
  • l-tryptophan
  • thiamine
  • magnesium oxide
  • calcium carbonate
Feed approximately 1tsp per 350 Lb. body weight daily with feed ration. May feed double the amount prior to event.

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